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    So before I'm gonna try
    Your picture takes my last caress
    I say goodbye
    For uncertain is the way I take
    So I will swallow this
    Before I close my eyes

    Eternal Life - awaken
    Or will I fade - forsaken wine

    Towards the shadows of my time
    At the end I see it shine
    Breaking a new day
    Tumbling further through this gate
    Fall through whispers that I've prayed
    Onward into time

    I still remember there was a light shining on the sea
    Fire on the water and the silence in my darkened room
    I do remember the words you said, you looked into my eyes
    But you never saw the true colour by the mystic candlelight

    Knowing that there is this way
    The end ablazes the light of day
    Future takes it's shape
    I prepare for your embrace
    By approaching a disgrace
    Sinister your face

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