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    "Holy One, speak for me the words of truth."
    "Live your dream because your last sleep is eternal."

    I don't want to talk, I can't stand this anymore
    Take me to the skies, fallen angel - evil undisguised

    Carry the light, you are playing with fire
    Burn - the west is where you shall dwell

    Take the shape and colour of your shadow
    And then the light fades
    One day you'll look into the mirror and see a figure full of emptiness

    Nothing is more than you are...

    Fallen angel, I don't want to talk to you
    Fallen angel, I can't stand you anymore

    I wear the cloak of silence even when the sun doesn't shine
    And it won't rain in winter...but you are not blind

    Fallen angel - Risen One
    Now I will never know who he was

    My second spring when the leaves fall off the trees
    In my prime as the flowers wither
    Save me from myself, myself

    You are much too superficial to see that I'm not the one
    I pass myself off for

    It's not the talking, it's the understanding
    Don't think, reflect

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