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    Now as we┬┤re flying across the sky
    Despair┬┤s dying as noone lies, winds let us go
    Storm, through we┬┤re chasing with mighty wings
    Deep salvation I feel within
    I never did know
    That all gold of the earth lies on a dragon┬┤s back
    A power that I can┬┤t deny

    So watch us as we fly on, ride to the horizon
    Freedom and eternity
    Far away up high, the mortal world aside
    Believe me just what you can┬┤t see

    Clouds, endless blue of eternity
    Can┬┤t believe this but I can see
    Overwhelmed by this power

    Wish I could do this all again
    But my time is slipping away
    There breaks my last hout

    Whoever would have thought that I could see this all again
    So grateful I had never been

    Now you can kill me, I am prepared
    Saw what I wanted, thankful I am

    My sword remains dry now, I did understand
    You showed me riches I can┬┤t hold in my hand
    And tell me the man who can call a dragon a friend

    So let us fly to the sky once again
    Let us chase through the clouds ┬┤cross the land
    And noone hears a lie until we have to die

    Let us rise again into the air
    This was the last chance to cure all despair
    The salvation for me in all ways
    It┬┤s only an emotion away, let us fly

    We fly again

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