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    So please come in my friend, I welcome you
    To the world within my dreams
    Amidst this place I lie and pray for all
    That your eyes could never see

    And in this place I hide
    As my world for fire turns
    And keep the flame alive
    Which for all my visions burns

    At day - The way's seen beyond a velvet sky
    At night, so bright - far and wide a star goes by

    I close the door my friend so you can see
    What this world is all about
    I see the stars from deep within my sleep
    And no way to help me out

    And still they shine for me
    And slowly turn to ice
    Still keep the flame in me
    The light behind my eyes


    So here your visit ends
    I held them in my hands - believe me
    For the blink of an eye


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