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    Dry river-beds end in no man's land
    Empty oceans full of waste
    We lead ourselves into all man's end
    All that remains is a bitter aftertaste
    The sea has she'd all she had to cry
    A shoreless wail which came here to die
    Just like an eagle in the sky
    I want to spread my wings and fly away

    Crying silence is falling over me

    Lonely king of the air in deserted skies
    How I wish that the end like this wouldn't be
    Clipped wings before they learned to fly
    Each drop of life spilled into the flood
    Acid tears in sweet rain like red raining blood
    We're trying to water from deep within
    The desert sands of time with our weeping

    One with the rain

    Feeling the pain
    Of the earth I am lain
    In sane dreams I drown
    Mankind sowed bitter seed
    Expects to harvest fruits so sweet
    For a thirsty mouth to feed
    Insane kingdom's crown

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