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    I can't wait anymore
    Crossed the oceans of time
    Hoping once you'd be mine
    One desire I keep - for you
    And just one wish I pray
    'Til the end of all days

    You are the light, the brightest light
    I had to bury down deep in my heart
    After the gloaming waits for dawn
    The only rose that can bloom in the dark

    At first beam I could live again
    Not just shadows could touch
    Be as close as the dark
    Heed the voice in the wind
    And the first beam of light
    Takes away gloomy nights

    You are alive, you never died
    Deep in my soul you're condemned to live on
    The day I desire draws so near
    Forces the flame in my veins to burn on

    And if there's once a rose that blooms
    Like your never fading beauty
    The sword of mine is at her side
    Across the wide oceans of time

    Come to me to carry what was lost
    Roam through daytime grey
    So long a search still going on
    I came to claim what just belongs to me...
    Just to me...

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