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    She wears mascara under her eyes
    And cottage cheese resembles her thighs
    Sloppy bombs all over the place
    Just ask her name - you'll get to third base
    (they call her)
    Sloppy, sloppy, sloppy - Sloppy Marilyn
    She's living her life and it's full of sin
    She wants to bag a guy but she can't choose one
    She likes her hot dog right between her buns
    Spits out the window - her hair is a mess
    Just a fresh coat of lipstick and she'll look her best
    C'mon C'mon... you know you all do it too
    Makes love in the alley and does her whole office too
    Sloppy, sloppy, sloppy - Sloppy Marilyn
    There ain't a man alive who has not gone in
    She's living her life like it's a fantasy
    It's time to wake up and face reality
    (spoken) Oh come on, Marilyn... why don't you get sloppy with me,
    You don't have to wine and dine
    Just get a six-pack and some pizza
    She'll go down lost in emotion
    Like that song from Lisa Lisa
    She fell off a jeep - she snorted some coke
    Can't charge cigarrettes - she's simply flat broke

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