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    I cant imagine all the people that you know
    And the places that you go
    When the lights are turned down low
    And I dont understand all the things that youve seen
    But Im slippin in between you and your big dreams
    Its always you and my big dreams

    And you tell me that its over
    Wake up lying in a patch of 4 leaf clovers
    And youre restless, and Im naked
    You gotta get out, you cant stand to see me shakin, no
    Could you let me go...i didnt think so

    And you dont wanna be here in the future
    So you say the presents just a pleasant interruption to the past
    And you dont wanna look much closer, cuz youre afraid to find out all this hope
    You had sent into the sky by now had crashed... and it did, because of me and you

    And then you bring me home,  afraid to find out that youre alone
    And Im sleeping in your living room, but we dont have much room to live

    And I had these dreams in them I learned to play guitar
    Maybe cross the country... become a rock star
    And there was hope in me that I could take you there
    But damn youre so young, well I dont think I care
    And if I hurt you, then Im sorry, please dont think that this was easy

    Then youd bring me home, cuz we both know what its like to be alone
    And Im dreaming in your living room, but we dont have much room to live
    And Constantine is walkin down the stairs
    Doesnt she look good, standin in her underwear,
    And I was thinkin, what I was thinkin
    That weve been drinking, and it doesnt get us anywhere
    My Constantine came walkin down the stairs
    And all that I could do was touch her long blond hair
    And Ive been thinkin, it hurts me thinkin
    All these nights weve been drinkin, never got us anywhere, no

    This is because I can spell konfusion with a

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