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    Down Here In Belmar at 1-1-1 10th
    The sun always shines and our money's well spent
    But like the Cream needed Clapton and like my coffee needs cream
    This house needs "Puff Danny" to come up with it's theme set it off one time just like that...
    Down Here in Belmar we've got lots of booze
    Ain't got Scotty Holmes or other freaks with tattoos
    Don't have too much privacy - someone's here all the time
    And we don't have a phone so Dee can't "Star 69"
    Down Here in Belmar you won't die of thirst
    Verdi and Pomper have birthdays, but Marilyn's comes first
    She'll probably get sloppy drunk like all birthday girls do
    But hey baby... everybody gets a little sloppy sometimes - and I
    Probably will too
    Down Here in Belmar people go to the beach
    For every ten ugly girls there's always one who's a peach
    Today Matt hit the shore to scope out the women
    But he just gelled his hair - there ain't no way he'll be swimmin'
    With only one suitcase each, Kerry and Michelle are both here
    Their other luggage is at the Red Barn... and they're getting more
    I wanna bomp her... her name is Pomper - just look at that face!
    OK, I know... I think I'm rambling... uh, let's hear that funky bass..
    (bass solo with James Brown spoken sampling)
    I comb what's left of my hair and I'm ready to rock
    I've got a couple of Trojans tucked away in my sock
    It's a secret I learned from my bro Shorty Rock
    In case I get the bitches swayin' to the rhythm of my cock
    Well a few more beers later, and a couple of funnels
    My speech was all slurred... hell, my vision was tunneled
    I could've spent the night at DJAIS with an awful lot of ladies
    But I passed out with the CD playing Madonna - vintage 80's
    (sample of Madonna's "Like A Virgin")
    Hey look, it's Meri - for the beach she is ready
    But she forgot her sunblock and now she's red as a cherry
    Well, pop goes the weasel 'cause the weasel goes pop
    Misjudged a clearance in my Monte - now I've got a drop-top
    So now it's me in my Monte and Mike in his Vette
    We cruise the strip for cheap girls - Mike hasn't told Laurie yet
    And where the hell is Anne?  No one knows where she's been
    The beach?  Bar A?  Maybe Skee-ball?  The answer's blowing in the
    This is the verse where I should mention Paul Fred
    But he's got his own song - I think enough has been said
    So come down to Belmar and stay until Sunday
    Do something dumb, create gossip - so Laurie has some for Monday

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