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    The first time that I met you
    I thought I found the girl
    Who would open up my eyes
    And bring new meaning to my world
    I loved being close together
    I thought we'd never be apart
    But my dreams just suddenly shattered
    When you decided to break my heart
    You told me it would never work out
    You didn't think we had a chance
    Because you knew I'd be away for a while
    I didn't know there was another guy
    That you were seeing behind my back
    I didn't think that was your style
    I can't believe you hurt me
    You acted really low
    I don't know why you did it
    But I think I have a right to know
    You told me that you loved me
    You said you would be true
    You said you couldn't live without me
    I can't believe I trusted you
    You told me many things about you
    You didn't even tell your friends
    Our relationship was perfect
    I can't believe it had to end
    After all we did together
    After all that was said and done
    I can't believe you'd throw it all away
    I thought you'd be the girl
    That I would love for the rest of my life
    I thought that you would always stay
    And now I'm wandering around bewildered
    Like a man lost in a blizzard of snow
    I still don't see why you left me
    But I think I have a right to know
    Sometimes when I'm at home
    I listen to the radio
    And I hear our song start playing
    And it's playing nice and slow
    I know that when I'm next to others
    I pretend that I don't even care
    But at night when I'm all alone
    I wish that you were there
    Everything we had was perfect
    Everything we had was right
    I can't believe that it turned out so wrong
    I'm not the type to hide my feelings
    So I thought that I would let them out
    And that's the reason why I wrote this song
    I have so many questions
    I guess that's how it goes
    And though I haven't gotten any answers
    I think I have a right to know

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