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    Living in a house of cards
    Praying the wind doesn't blow too hard
    Giving in to differences
    Straining to keep up appearances.

    Making believe the thread can be save
    You're aching to leave but
    Deathly afraid of letting go
    The threads entangled you so.

    Jealousies and legal fees
    Running away like two refugees
    Shadowed eyes and alibis
    Tell you too late you've been victimized.

    Freedom is near but seems to elude you
    Trying to change you dreams into
    What your needs allow
    It should be easy by now
    Why is love always the last to know?

    Falling back on better days
    Trying your damnedest to laugh
    You've thrown those childish dreams away
    It's over, you say, still you ask
    Why is love always the last to know?

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