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    A. summer

    Late in the summer
    When the cottonwood dies
    The fields are on fire
    With green bottleflies
    And I'm still seeing reflections
    Of me in your eyes
    And why did you leave
    Last summer?

    Now, the seasons are changing
    From summer to fall
    And I've still got that picture
    Hung on my wall
    And there's so much forgotten
    And too much recalled
    And why did you leave
    At all?

    B. winter

    Standing beside you
    Mid-winter day
    Hearts beating close

    Wishing that we'd found
    Someway to make
    That moment last

    Standing silent--laughing--
    Breathing steam
    Gazing down into a freezing
    I saw the face of a child
    I saw the face of a child.

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