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    She's got a way of getting so inside you
    That you think she's gonna steal your soul
    She's got a way of making sure that you can't let go.
    She's got a trail of broken hearts behind her
    Like a shadow where no shadow's cast
    I ain't the first one and I doubt that I'll be the last.

    Too long--too late
    You're wrong
    To ever think she'd wait.

    She don't look back.
    She don't look back.
    The lady don't look back
    And when she's gone she's gone.

    You can never tell just what she's after
    You can never read it in her eyes
    And in her laughter there's no hint of compromise.
    You can stare into the fire forever
    You can squeeze a stone until it bleeds
    But you will never find the kind of love she needs.

    Too much--too late
    You're such a fool to think she'd wait.

    (repeat chorus twice.)

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