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    I have these moments
    All steady and strong
    I'm feeling so holy and humble
    The next thing I know
    I'm all worried and weak
    And I feel myself
    Starting to crumble.

    The meanings get lost
    And the teachings get tossed
    And you don't know what you're
    Going to do next.
    You wait for the sun
    But it never quite comes
    Some kind of message comes
    Through to you.
    Some kind of message comes through.

    And it says to you...

    Love when you can
    Cry when you have to...
    Be who you must
    That's a part of the plan
    Await your arrival
    With simple survival
    And one day we'll all understand...

    I had a woman
    Who gave me her soul
    But I wasn't ready to
    Take it.
    Her heart was so fragile
    And heavy to hold
    And I was afraid I might
    Break it.

    Your conscience awakes
    And you see your mistakes
    And you wish someone
    Would buy your confessions.
    The days miss their mark
    And the night gets so dark
    And some kind of message
    Comes through to you
    Some kind of message
    Shoots through --


    There is no eden or
    Heavenly gates
    That you're gonna make it to
    One day
    But all of the answers you seek
    Can be found
    In the dreams that you dream
    On the way.

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