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    High on this mountain
    The clouds down below
    I'm feeling so strong and alive
    From this rocky perch
    I'll continue to search
    For the wind
    And the snow
    And the sky
    I want a lover
    I want some friends
    And i want to live in the sun
    And i want to do all the things that i
    Never have done.

    Sunny bright mornings
    And pale moonlit nights
    Keep me from feeling alone
    Now, i'm learning to fly
    And this freedom is like
    Nothing that i've ever known
    I've seen the bottom
    And i've been on top
    But mostly i've lived in between
    And where do you go
    When you get to the end of
    Your dream?

    Off in the nether lands
    I heard a sound
    Like the beating of heavenly wings
    And deep in my brain
    I can hear a refrain
    Of my soul as she rises and sings
    Anthems to glory and
    Anthems to love and
    Hymns filled with early delight
    Like the songs that the darkness
    Composes to worship the light.

    Once in a vision
    I came on some woods
    And stood at a fork in the road
    My choices were clear
    Yet i froze with the fear
    Of not knowing which way to go
    One road was simple
    Acceptance of life
    The other road offered sweet peace
    When i made my decision
    My vision became my release.

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