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    I saw her first in a beggar's game
    Her eyes were wild but her
      laugh was tame
    Those people knew her by
      another name
    I knew that she'd be mine
    I knew that she'd be mine.
    She took me in on a winter's night
    The air was brittle and the
      moon was bright
    My heart was heavy but her
      touch was light
    Deep in the dance we wandered
    Deep in my heart she fell.
    The candles glistened and
      the water gleamed
    She drew a bath and the
      windows steamed
    She looked like every woman
      ever dreamed
    In the heart of a lonely man.
    In the heart of a lonely man.
    She took my blindness and she
      led me through
    As night retreated and the
      daylight grew
    And with the first rays of
      the sun I knew
    Love had another captive
    Love had another fool.
    The spell is broken and the
      chains fall free
    Finally my heart has come home to me
    It seems I've waited an eternity.
    (Repeat first verse and chorus)

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