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    I saw the best of my generation playing pinball
    Make-up on, all caked up
    Looking like some kind of china doll
    With all of Adolf Hitler's moves down cold
    As they stood up in front
    Of a rock and roll band
    And always moving upward and ever upward
    To this gentle golden promised land
    With the smartest of them all
    Moonlighting as a word processor
    And the strongest of them all
    Checking IDs outside a saloon
    And the prettiest of all
    Taking off her clothes
    In front of men
    Whose eyes look like they were in some little hick town
    Near Omaha
    Watching the police chief
    Run his car off the side of a bridge
    I saw a men with dreams
    Like the ones I'd had
    Beg quarters outside the Seven-Eleven
    Till it got so they didn't affect me anymore
    Than the mailboxes I'd passed
    'Cept that sometimes
    I'd put somthing in the mailbox
    I'd had the wind at my back
    Now I felt it cold in my face
    And for an awful long time now
    You were the only one who ever
    Called me late at night
    And I really never noticed
    Till after you stopped calling
    And the emptiness
    And silence
    Got so heavy
    Broken up in the wasteland
    Broken up in the promised land
    Broken up in Disneyland
    Broken up in the plastic land
    Broken up in the wasteland
    Broken up in the wasteland
    Broken up in the wasteland
    I saw dead Marilyn Monroe
    Strung up on every street corner in Hollywood
    Like some two bit whore
    Offering a discount rate
    And I wondered how Joe Dimaggio felt
    I saw dead James Dean's ghost
    Wandering the sidewalk looking troubled
    And I wondered how his mama felt
    I saw signs that said

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