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    She said love, love, love is everything
    I said ok, I guess, whatever
    She said what does that mean
    I said nothin, it's just good to have a backup plan
    She said I guess that means you don't got love
    I said maybe I love everyone
    She said that's the same as lovin no one
    I said ok, I guess, whatever

    And I have a dream of a New American Language
    One with a little bit more Spanish
    I have a dream of a new pop music
    That tells the truth, with a good beat and some nice harmonies
    I have a dream

    Tourist towns are a drag sometimes
    But in non-tourist towns you can get beat up
    Just for lookin a little different
    I guess the thing to do is just stay at home
    Yeah but sometimes I think the thing to do
    Would be to get a place way out in Missouri
    Put down as many months rent as you can part with
    Tell everybody else you went to France

    I said remember that conversation we had about love
    I said well, I think that you were right
    She said I don't remember sayin nothin about love
    It must have been a fantasy of the moment
    I have a dream
    I have a dream

    I dream of joining the Mafia
    And whether people like me is unimportant
    I dream of your clock radio
    Waking you up with my songs
    I have a dream of a New American Language
    I dream of new beginnings
    I dream of saturation bombing
    I dream mostly about love

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