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    I got 36-foot insulation in my house
    Wear 14 pairs of long underwear
    Stick tape inside my ears
    Cover myself with five bedspreads
    I spend every morning in an isolation tank
    Spend every afternoon high up in a tree
    Spend every evening with one of those things over my eyes
    Like in virtual reality
    I'll never fall in love again
    I got a walkman on my head every step I take
    Put thorazine in my  morning coffee break
    Won't feed the birds bread boys, let them eat cake
    I'll lock my doors, click click click bang bang
    When I'm not awake
    When I'm walking down the street
    Don't make me meet your sister, Pete,
    When there's a knock knockin at my door
    I'll just sit here on the floor
    I'll run 26 miles a day straight up hills
    Work overtime to pay all of my hospital bills
    I'll spray black spray paint on my windowsills
    I'll make a million dollars leave you outta my will
    I'll never fall in love again

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