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    Well, they elected me
    King of the World
    I said, "Here's what I'm gonna do
    Send everybody over to China
    Except for me and you
    Strip ourselves naked
    Go to Beverly Center
    Watch movies and eat Cinnabons"
    I think I'm gonna like
    Being king of the world
    For a change

    They said, "As king of the world
    You can have anything
    Your greedy royal heart desires"
    I said, "All I really want
    Is some wide open space
    Where I can set forest fires
    I want peace and quiet
    I want nudity
    I want sex and wine and love"
    They said "So let it be written,
    Your highness,
    So let it be done"

    I am the king
    The king of the world
    It could have been you
    But it's me
    I'm suprised you didn't hear about it
    It was on the cover of newsweek
    November 1993

    As king of the world
    I'll occasionally go
    To China to visit you guys
    You don't have to be afraid
    I don't need you to bow down
    I'm not God
    I'm just the king, I realize
    Well, it might be nice though
    If you'd kiss me feet
    And call me, "All knowing leader of men"
    If you were king of the world
    I'm sure you'd want the same
    For yourself

    I am the king of the world
    King of the world
    Can you believe my luck
    I'm king of the world

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