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    Walking around the happiest place in the world
    But all I do is wonder if your hair's still curled
    South of Brownsville, Texas south of Miami Beach
    But all it means to me is that you're further out of reach
    Everywhere is sand and sun blue sky, water too
    I need you

    The Spanish moss is hanging and you find a polished stone
    You pocket it for luck and then you walk on alone
    They'll rent you a bicycle with the tires blown
    They'll cook you up a blackened fish and strip it to the bone
    A slave ship just came in
    I been talking to the crew
    I need you

    In that house Hemingway is boxing in the back
    I go down to the library and check out all the facts
    Nowadays it's hard to write a line my own thoughts bore me
    I found me an island kid who says he'll do it for me
    I'm wiping all my tears away so no one has a clue
    That I need you

    The last plane out of Saigon did not know that it was
    Every man in prison thinks he's locked up for a cause
    I need something to do my violin needs to sound
    I'm gonna see if Ernest wants to go a couple rounds
    Sometimes you get lost and you find something new
    I need you

    Some bird's flapping in the road on some crazy madman's string
    Soemthing's messed up with his wing something's messed up with my

    So here's the truth at last I tell you Hemingway is dead
    And everybody wants to find a steak that's slightly red
    I thought I could escape myself by just not getting dressed
    I thought I could escape you by coming to Key West
    Sometimes you get lost and you don't find something new
    I need you

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