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    Baby love
    Baby love is what we got
    Baby love
    Baby love is what we got
    No good poetry coming from my mouth
    No neat chords ringing on ringing on ringing on
    My guitar
    Just baby love
    Baby love is what we've got
    Baby love
    Baby love is what we've got
    Leave behind your sadness
    I'll leave behind my loneliness
    Forget your hat
    I'll forget my dress
    There'll only be time for us
    When you touch me
    It aint really baby love
    It's a true love
    An adult love with all the complications of
    There's a bridge in every song
    To complicate things and tell you what's wrong
    But I'm too tired after my baby playing
    Put your head on my lap
    And we could have some
    Let's nauseate the people around us
    Make them squirm
    Make them really really jealous.
    Pretty uncool my brother says.
    Lacking in decorum
    And me and me and me
    So well read.
    Oh we are not babies
    I know that.
    We do not babies
    Thank god for that.
    But when you eat and sleep
    You look just like a baby
    When you whine you
    Drive me crazy
    You might as well be my baby
    Oh baby love
    Teenage love
    True love
    Adult love is what we've got
    Old love
    Real love
    True love is what we've got

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