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    Listening to the big guy's new CD laying in bed
    The one his producer thinks he never shoulda made
    But it gets me going gets me into the shower
    What a shock to be awake at this early hour

    And you're gone
    It was time to fly
    And all that's left
    Is the fact that we tried
    So thanks for the tunes
    And thanks for the time
    You're gone now
    Baby Bye Bye

    Them guys from Orange County man do they wail
    Shakes my brain and it shakes my tail
    New girl on top of me, will this work out
    I retreat to the kitchen and sort it all out

    And you're gone...

    You left your keys on the table
    And on the bed you left a rose
    And a note that said my CDs won't fit in the car
    You can keep 'em I s'pose

    This disc was left out in the sun
    It's warped and it's hissing
    I can't place the voice and the insert's missing
    I turn off the phone so if you don't call it's all right
    And maybe I won't listen to nothing tonight

    And you're gone...

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