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    f/ Last Emperor

    [Mr. Walt]
    Yo, everybody lookin at me like I'm 'bout to drop
    some real fucked up, dissin black people shit
    Just gone give it here, check it out

    Man, it's some cooold-hearted shit you doin dawg
    I geuss tha-that's the way it is
    Yea, folks don't write about this shit
    Why you got to focus on negativity?!
    You forgot that didn't cha
    Yea but I see it gooood now

    [Last Emperor]
    Yo I remember when the summer was hot, I'm huggin my block
    The soldier, tryin to get over with this hustle I got
    Lookin out for the cops, on my way to the top
    Ain't no reason to even question if I'm rugged or not
    I saw the neighborhood stars drivin our favorite cars
    See they out gettin theirs, so now we tryin to get ours
    Through a neighborhood tours, goin through neighborhood wars
    Gettin bigger doors, mixin this neighborhood sport
    We had a powerful team, doin powerful things
    The A-merican dream, I'm about gettin cream
    It ain't just for me, it's for my whole family
    This is for all of y'all, I call it the Hustler's Theme, knah'mean?

    Someone, somewhere
    Someway, somehow
    Get mines, get yours
    Get up, get down
    Sometime, someday
    Someplace, sometown
    It's starts, with us
    Right here, right now

    [Last Emperor]
    Amidst the dangerous days, and the dangerous nights
    The lost wages and the salary heights
    I stayed out of harms way, helped my family to fight
    When I slipped into darkness, they brought me back to the light
    Pray to the Lord above for added insight
    A man confronted with THESE challenges in his life
    To the ladies I might, be the compassionate type
    Come see if it's real and feel what my action is like
    Right, the man of your dreams, I'm handlin fiends
    Fabolous things, more than mansions and rings
    A palace built for a king, is how rich'll be
    You tryin to win, get a peice of this victory
    And don't ask about my past, that's history
    Don't be afraid of the hustle girl, just get with me
    You gotta love supreme, but as good as it seems
    I'm in love with the cream, this is the Hustler's Theme, knah'mean?


    [Last Emperor]
    Can you stay alive in this strugglin thing?
    Stay alive in this hustlin thing?
    The hustle's only as good, as what the customers bring
    Some are no longer with us, others locked up in the bing
    See I found a knew trade that I hustle with
    It's called hip-hop and I got a love for it
    Far from easy believe me y'all, I must admit
    Cuz y'all customers'll never get enough of this
    And now you can depend on your local suppliers
    The Last Emp again, down with Da Beatminerz
    Rockin wit'chu, we ain't forget 'chu, as we continue
    Catch us at the venue, the Hustler's Theme


    [Mr. Walt]
    Yo this for the press, you know what I'm sayin
    Beatminerz, Brace 4 Impak, July
    {*scratching* Yo-yo-yo-yo-yo
    Yo this for the press, you know what I'm sayin
    Beatminerz, Brace 4 Impak, July 2001
    Rawkus Records, this is how it goes down

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