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    f/ Diamond

    Uh, uh-huh.. yea
    Dah dah (I'm skippin jump shit right here)
    Dah dee-de-dee dah dah
    Da-dee dee dee dee dee dee dee dee dee dee-de-dee dah dah

    [Verse 1]
    It's me big D, the psychotic neurotic
    Never catch me in the street without some green exotic
    Fly-ass whip, pockets stay knotted
    Step outta bounds and wind up red dotted
    The socialite with the flows ya like
    Overweight nigga dressed in the clothes ya like
    Probably see me in the club with some hoes ya like
    And you know I put it down when it's foes to fight
    Can't fuck wit'cha love, if ya toes ain't right
    I'm on some bullshit, but yo that's my chosen right
    That's cool, cuz all I see is O's in sight
    Drop shit that'll lift every nose in sight
    Like I'm supposed to do - postin boo
    Make you jump around like the Holy Ghost'll do
    Let the words get close to you
    I'ma show you how cats sleep, just like the most of you
    Come on!

    When it comes to spittin game I'm the best at that
    One extreme to another like sex to crack
    Beatminerz and Swing, do, and bless the track
    And if the L's too short smoke the rest of that

    [Verse 2]
    I'm like, Triple H flying off the ropes
    Bring a smile like some coke, fresh off the boats
    I make, you and your boys take off ya coats
    And if ya girl talks back, get her off the soaps
    I'm like fuck you, see I'ma scratch ya name
    On some big wheel shit, when I match the game
    On the low chillin, with a hatch back in Maine
    And I still run with niggas that'll snatch ya frames
    Yo pardon me, you ain't catch my name? It's D-Moody
    In the Four Seasons about to make a nudie
    Used to see hard times, but now I see booty
    And quite often, be up in the loft and,
    Fat asses, titties that are soft and, (*women laughing*)
    Greened out so you might hear me coughin {*coughing*
    I'll make ya dumbass an off and,
    I'll be the one to put the nails in ya coffin {*hammering*

    [Chorus] 2x

    [Verse 3]
    You get a smack fuckin with this aristicrat
    I'm the element that turns coke from this to that
    You against me, it's like fightin fist to bat
    It's gonna be hard to smoke when your ribs get cracked
    Think of that - Come on if you think I'm wack
    Me beatin yo' ass in a mink and hat
    Bounce off from the scene in a Lincoln Nav
    So motherfuckin plush you just sink in the back
    And I told you heffers before, never before
    Will you see a beatmaker ever this raw
    See me in the streets stunning in a yellow Valor
    Big D always leave the crowd yellin for more
    One of the flyest big niggas you will see
    If you can figure that black, you will be
    Overcome with a mild case of lunacy
    When I drop the LP nigga you will see...

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