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    And the number of the Beast shall be 666. Born in the sixth month, the sixth day, and the sixth hour, and anyone bearing this mark, shall be known as the AntiChrist

    I needed a date
    For the high school dance
    I went into the toilet
    And I took a chance
    I saw number written on the wall
    Eight letters in blood
    It was the number I had to call

    That's the number of the daughter of the Beast

    Took her out for dinner
    It was reasonably priced
    She wasn't impressed
    She was the daughter of the Anti-Christ
    I walked her home
    Took her through the park
    I tried to kiss her
    But her eyes glowed in the dark

    That's the number of the daughter of the Beast

    Hey ????, I hear you got a new girlfriend

    Yeah man, she's real hot
    She spits acid, she pukes fire, and she gives good horn

    You must be talkin' 'bout the daughter of the Beast, man!

    Gettin' a car across the River Styx is a bit of a drag
    And her four-headed dog always biting my ankles is a kick in the ass
    And her dad always trying to kill me with his jokes
    Goin' out with her, man, it was hell!

    Number of the daughter of the Beast!
    6! (repeat 5 times).

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