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    Dreams, see them grow like roses
    So warm, so bright, they paint the night like roses
    My heart was numb and cold and you turned it to fire
    Every joy you inspire makes our garden of love grow so much higher

    Dreams, like a flame inside us
    How they light up our eyes and they gide us
    And suddenly today you?ve grown into a woman
    So young, gay with magic songs to sing
    And your childhood is mine
    You broght another spring to me
    Now nothing more can shake me
    No wind, no rain, no storm could ever break me
    I?m flowing in your arms, the gentle waves caress me
    Posseses me, softly bless me

    Dreams, thanks to you they?ve found us
    The sky was never quite so clear around us
    I want to lay may life before you
    Each moment of my life so gently at your feet
    Scattered like roses, like summer roses

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