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    Never mind the painful cries
    Just ignore her many lies
    Let her rest when she passes out
    While she's awake, let her shout
    Quickly pour her another cup
    Hold her hand when she shoots up
    Fuck her when she needs a friend
    The start the shit all over again
    Don't fuck with my head, she said
    Hide the razorblades from the cop
    Call the doctor when the bleeding won't stop
    Kiss her, tell her she's okay
    Then fuck around while she's away
    Bring her home, give her a line
    Now you got her feeling fine
    Take a twenty from her purse
    Always remember: business first!
    Tell her you love her every day
    Beat her when she tries to escape
    Watch her as she loses weight
    Always tell her she looks great
    Don't fuck with my head, she said
    Never mind her desperate pleas
    Lock the door and hide the keys
    Tell her friends she's doing great
    Watch her puke and masturbate
    Lie her down when she starts to trip
    Wipe the drool off of her lip
    Wipe the tears off of her face
    Fuck her as she starts to space
    Does it fuck with your head she's dead?

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