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    At last the outlaws dead
    This is the first of our goodbye's
    The bells they toll for me
    My blood or his on this dirty street
    My God my hands don't fail me now
    The devil's tool to do God's will
    The women cry the men are still
    His silhouette up on the hill

    Hush baby don't you cry for me
    We men are the last of a dying breed
    An empty flask, a cloud of dust
    A muzzle flash, a crowd now hushed
    BANG BANG he shot me dead
    BANG BANG a bullet through his head
    Oh no I killed my friend
    Gun fight such a bitter end
    Now dead man's hill
    Claims two more soul's tonight

    At ten paces BANG BANG he shot me dead
    At ten paces gun fights such a bitter end

    Now the city sleep's tonight
    I hear the widow's crying out
    All alone in there beds
    Oh no what have i done
    Oh no what have i done
    Three small simple words to say
    Grown men are taught not to cry
    But cowboy's do have to die
    Just one life to give
    So that we both might live

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