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    Go to a safe place
    Escape the same fate
    Go to a safe place
    So you can save face
    They stole your halo
    Under painted skies
    And like an angel
    With the devil in their eyes
    This city loves you
    Why did you have to go
    This city loves you
    What happened here
    We?ll never know
    To kill the monster
    That has never shown it?s face
    This ghost that haunts you
    Left an imprint that you can?t erase
    Hit the lights and lock the doors
    Under blankets we?ll stay warm
    Hit the lights we?ll brave the storm
    And bleed forgiveness till its gone
    Be still stay low
    I know we?ll make it out
    Be still and know
    That God knows your worth dying for
    Burning questions without an answer
    God still knows your here

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