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    Ring the bells and kick the doors down
    Because this is what you wanted
    And this is what you?re gonna get
    So we have made a monster
    Well so be it, so be it
    Light the torches and bring a pitch fork
    The lightning has already struck
    It?s alive
    Burn the village down
    We will dance in ashes
    Please forgive us our misconception
    We?re burning hot
    With the thought of something weird going down
    You?re standing out
    You?re out of place out of line
    Get back in line
    With one wary eye
    And a corset for vigilante recourse down the line
    So it?s alive
    It?s best for all
    If t stay in that house upon the hill
    Give up the monster
    Bring us the monster
    Is it the unknown that haunts you
    Or the lightning that flows through my veins
    Am I the monster
    Or am I just misunderstood
    I fell the sun on my face
    Is that the air I can taste
    My beginnings I can?t erase
    But I?m alive, I am alive
    Here?s a toast for the lost cause
    We will bring the giant down
    Give us the monster
    Bring us the monster

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