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    To see elation
    Spread across your timeless face
    Be proud of me
    Proud of what I tried to become
    Regardless of our heavy hearts
    We?ll carry on we?ll carry on
    Regardless of our anxious thoughts
    On how we think it might all end
    The land is dead
    Our backs are bent
    Our eyes have turned from gray to red
    Still the villages are crying out
    What do they have to sing about
    Are you gonna be with me
    I can hear them singing through the night
    Don?t be dancing with the devil
    In the pale moonlight
    I can see the towns from way up here
    The little lights are burning brightly
    And getting stronger
    The children singing made up songs
    But they sound so familiar
    The son?s so familiar
    How long must we wait
    How great thou art
    We?ve been looking for connection
    Can we all break free from this
    The situation the undercurrent
    Stop pulling me further and further away
    God will not be called dead
    He will show himself strong
    In due time

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