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    Disenchanting and contagious when we think that we're in love
    Superfluous, disengaging when we think we are in love
    Pointless words when it comes to push and shove
    We're just kids in grown up bodies, right?
    I am right aren't I?
    We thought we were in love

    This love is the tie that binds
    A noose around our necks [x2]

    You created me to love so much deeper than that
    Please let me fall again. I'll never come back

    We can fall, just one time
    It still hurts in rewind
    You can heal broken hearts
    And replace with spare parts

    I keep my heart in my pocket
    It's weighing my shirt down
    Bleeding through the fabric and bursting with the sound
    What if my heart beats too fast?
    I'm longing for your still small voice
    Viens bloom with blue like roadmaps
    We fell against our will
    What if my capillaries won't stand and lapse?
    We fell against our will...

    Honestly, honestly...
    Would you say those things to me? [x4]

    Get on your horse and ride [x2]

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