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    Come blue dark skies please take to me
    Outside my window sill
    For I have wandered aimlessly
    The sky is gated
    I've lost the key
    I need the sound of your voice
    Remind me of my dreams
    My shadows playing tricks again
    Dancing on the walls
    If only I could believe tall tails
    The pixie dust would fall

    The dust would fall

    The dust would settle, settle [x2]

    You took the stairs
    And missed the fall [x2]

    To play it safe or risk it all

    You live your life in the darkroom
    Blank photos of your friends
    Unable to step outside
    Afraid the anvils going to fall
    Save yourself
    The pain of loss
    No broken bones
    But no twinkle in her eye

    These sticks still burn
    They burn like home [x2]

    This is forever and a day
    I feel like I will be okay
    This is forever but today
    I feel like I could be a kid again.

    Raise your hands up to the sky
    The expression on your face
    This moment in time
    Feels like forever and a day

    This could be so much more than it ever was

    Would you please step up to the edge
    Close your eyes and just let go
    You said it couldn't be done
    I said its already been done
    Put your faith in me
    I promise you just one thing
    I'll never let you go

    Your fear is in the past
    Just relax
    Just relax
    I'll never let you go

    Because we are the lost boys
    Forever in Neverland
    Would you be our leader, our leader
    And take me by the hand? [x2]

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