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    As the they stand in ruins of cities
    The children play in ashes
    Knee deep
    In our neglect
    Our bags in overhead compartments
    So secure
    We walk with the world underneath our feet
    Inside these cocoons made of band-aids and foam
    To stop the noises from bleeding in
    We like our music loud and different to alienate the masses
    Run into the nightmare of self absorption
    We are what it takes to survive
    Into the night we fall as pilots in paper planes
    We race against this coming rain
    Out running this chance
    To prove that we are alive and we're here to stay
    We let this go
    Our only chance to say
    Our lives meant something more
    The air our fists are beating
    Inside our hearts are bleeding
    We race to the end
    Tonight we're dancing on the edge of reason
    Pushing envelopes
    As if the postman could be tried for treason
    Our canopy's covered in graffiti
    With no parachute we'll crash and burn
    Baby burn
    Without your calming fire we'll burn
    Brilliantly without a cause...

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