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    Lamb of God who talks away
    The sin of the world
    Have mercy on us
    Grant us peace

    Hey, keep it coming, keep me coming again
    I took your wedding present you saved for him
    Sex so violent, sex so wrong
    So how come all night you?re screaming
    All night long
    Make it painful make it quick
    So deep you wont get over it

    Too many nights for you
    As hate arrives I?ll find you
    Too many nights, too many nights, too many nights
    I gave to you
    This sacrifice is true
    You gave to me what I took from you
    I will arise, I will arise?my revenge upon you

    Silhouettes of innocents
    Fragments of you start to ferment
    Like fighting soldiers one by one
    I wont give in until the kill is done

    I?m your messiah of my revenge
    Miss Queen Mirage grants me peace

    Too many nights for you
    I outline the stars I stole for you
    Too many nights for you
    I stole and sacrificed for you

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