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    A normal day
    Began like any other
    Without your breath
    Breathing down on me
    Am I awake
    Nothing looks familiar
    Where have you gone?far
    Still awake
    Left you high and dry
    Am I to blame
    Who is it cooking up your happiness today

    Oh lonely eyes
    Told a lonely story of
    Another day
    Your pale white skin
    My bathroom floor
    Is there any reason to save me
    Where have you gone?so long

    Still awake
    If you?re so high and dry
    Then whose to blame
    Don?t worry baby
    It will all be over some day, today

    Time passes, dust will settle
    We melt away
    Regret it, swear it, say no more

    Fall away
    Yet all you have to do is find a vein
    Who is it cooking up your happiness today?
    So easy

    I?m still the same
    I?m feeling lost and lonely and to blame
    Don?t worry baby it will all be over
    Some day

    Sit and pray
    I know it?s hopeless but I still believe
    I could be you, you could be me

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