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    I sleep alone and lie awake at night
    Ponder my wrongs, wonder what was right
    Was given the word, the one I lived by
    Was handed a sum without face, by my hand he would die

    Need not act, never cared for forgivness
    Ask only one, where to look in his eyes
    Was given word to dish out somewhere
    And hide the fact he would die with my guise

    When I was done
    Return for one more
    To my neighbor
    Kill his brother without a sense of remorse

    So don't propose
    This is your calling
    Even Christ could not keep you alive

    Then I return, back to my home
    For them I do this
    While they look at me as a noble
    Was not an act, to me it was business
    I never asked if it was even the score
    The dual life, I kept all in me
    Through the door, I would put it behind

    Poor little eyes
    I beg they won't see
    A man's final breath
    Or hear the cries as he begs for mercy

    I won't propose
    This is my calling
    Even Christ could not keep me alive

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