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    Let me tell you something
    That my old man said to me
    Your lies have been piled so high
    It's no surpriseyou don't even see
    All your tricks and all your games
    Are all the same
    All the days we've wasted
    Keeping you alive

    Waiting for
    The Reaper Man
    To come rip your heart out

    When you find the sin
    And heaven's weight's on your soul
    The re-emerging days of old

    Blinded by the men
    The heavens they burn
    Swallowing pride
    Swallowing scorn
    Sit with me here
    Listen and learn

    Ever has the hatred
    For your own self ruled your day
    Yeah I know you're gonna kill yourself
    So go on and be on your way
    I won't be shaking hands
    If you're my friend then I'll be damned
    I understand your bottom-feeding ways

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