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    Woke up in time to see you turn into a ghost
    From the top of the world
    There's a view of sun so clean you can only look once
    I see you carried away by the wind now
    No matter what we say the things we claim dry out and blow away

    It's over my love
    Now were just a piece of the scenery in a painting signed anonymous
    Over my love
    Over just out of reach in retrospect I guess I loved you too much
    Loved you too much
    Loved you loved you when all I really needed was someone to touch
    Someone to touch
    Someone someone coarse enough to resist any powerful force

    I hear a sound I think maybe you're here somewhere now
    Sometimes you hear sometimes you see but you're only imagining
    If there's a season there's got to be a reason for it
    You make your peace you make your mistakes
    Sometimes the world gives sometimes it takes

    Open space (reprise)
    I wanna go where the sky lies overhead peacefully peacefully
    And well never have to turn from the sun
    In an open space tomorrow in an open space tomorrow

    I wanna go where we see these certain signs
    That we only borrow time
    And this place is partly yours and partly mine
    In an open space tomorrow in an open space tomorrow

    I wanna go to an open space tomorrow

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