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    One more kiss, darling
    One more kiss, darling
    Our last kiss wasn't good enough
    It ended too quick, oh oh oh oh
    Why don't we

    Just slip away
    To another side
    Where greedy winds
    Darling, why don't we
    Just fall asleep
    Dream the same dream
    And only feel
    Where our bodies meet
    Darling, why don't we

    Get lost sometime
    Because it is, it is, it is
    About time
    Let's get lost in the furthest way
    Where the wind says
    'A a a all of you
    Is mine to blow over'

    Let's slip away
    To deepest south
    Where clouds slide
    When you move your mouth
    Darling, why don't we
    Stand still and breathe
    To each other's lips
    Our lungs a pair
    Of floating ships
    Darling, why don't we

    Let's pull the plug
    Underneath this lake
    When the water breaks
    We'll spin away
    Darling, why don't we
    Watch water above
    Brimming with life
    Moving in time
    With you, honey
    Darling, why don't we

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