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    Here at the end of the war where the water meets sand
    On an oregon shore we stand where the land cheats the sea
    All covered in snow but it's not really cold at all
    Cuz when the sky went crack and temporarily black
    It left a poisonous sun
    When they shot we shot back again
    But there's a place I know and I think we should go

    So come with me away from time
    We'll let the road fall behind alone
    Cuz the world keeps getting worse intentions
    And I don't want a piece of it anymore

    And so we cross this line in the nick of time
    When you work for peace sometimes you find
    You're tangled up in the lines to the accessories of the crime
    Because weve lost our way and sense of touch
    Now the thought of peace it doesn't mean that much
    No I swear I've never been less blind
    It's just they redefined the word peace

    So lets free these sands of imaginary lines
    And what we find we'll find

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