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    It use to chill my soul
    When I heard them sounds from back then
    Out of their learning
    Places I see and been

    Come around, come around, come around
    Come feel the vibes coming from down south
    In a place where situation dread
    Third world man
    Burden heavier than lead
    Cooler them sounds got to play

    Here we come again
    Here we come again
    Vibes in out the place
    Dread natty locks
    Dey pon the scene again

    Dem vibes we use to talk about
    Dem vibes we used to talk about
    Was really but a love thing
    If you know what I mean
    Them times we tell them
    Babylon better left the children alone
    Nough control pon their souls

    See we come again
    Dread locks pon the scene again
    Well Babylon take a lick well quick
    Fire burn the Vatican City, City, City
    Down there in Rome

    Fire one, here come three
    Riding on a bullet settle, settle
    Easy Captain, easy Captain
    Don't draw no brakes no
    Don't draw no brakes no


    In the mix
    Betta get in the mix, lookout
    We don't ramp on here
    Babylon got to take nough licks
    Do the lick Boom Shaka
    Play let the music sweet
    Dub let the music click
    Fling let the music lick


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