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    traxing from capetown to Addis Abbaba
    natty never cross no border
    no border fence can separate us no
    JAH love is everywhere
    let us unite come together do it right
    mek we unite come together do the right thing (x2)
    so people get ready ready now
    tomorrow might be too late for you to make your moves
    i got no time to hesitate JAH love is the fire
    my love is like JAH fire
    is a long time poeple been struggling
    fighting to reach the shore
    fighting to even the score
    standing on the corner
    checking out the border clash
    all this fussing and fighting
    i dont know what theyre fighting for
    they claim its a different country
    but its same blood run thru all veins
    same cry in all a these ghettos
    babylon system dread

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