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    shes got mystery theres secrets in her eyes
    shes my soul satisfier she change my state of mind
    sometimes my spirit feels so strong
    for me there is no doubt
    sometimes i feel so insecure
    thats when she pulls me out
    to free my frozen heart
    free my frozen heart
    what a rush shes rocking me slow
    my girl she moves me like smoke
    cant live without you baby
    oh shes getting me red shes giving me hope
    my girl shes mystic like smoke
    cant live without you baby
    inna this crazy world
    shes an island in the sky
    she give me shelter give me shelter
    when there aint no place to hide
    she melt me like the candle wax too close to the fire
    then all my worries disappear in the flames of her desire
    to heal my broken heart
    heal my broken heart
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