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    Man a mek move
    Got to mek a plan
    People find food to feed their families
    Youths dey a streets
    Man a plant food fe him livelihood
    Brothers in the camp
    Yet the people dance
    Youth a preach lyrics
    Man a lick shot
    Dancehall youth just lick a shot
    Some a build speaker box
    Fe dem business that in a society
    If not the shackle is the boot
    If not the chain it's your brain
    Lord what a strain, strain, strain
    Say Babylon have the people rocking
    Tell you know

    Chain, chain, chain, we got to break those chains
    Chains off my feet
    Strange 20th century
    Come again my love
    It's been your love too
    I believe it's this feeling child

    The youth a get wise
    The youth a get stronger
    In a time like this no Uncle Tom business na goan so
    Not so, oh come we come to shake the house down
    Lord lick off some rooftop ka we need your attention
    Rock some sound
    Can't shut this down
    Rock some sound
    All the people rally around
    Stop fight natty dread locks down, down, down
    Babylon got the people rocking to and through
    Turn them out inside


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