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    Lonely stranger, youve been running for ages
    But from what, no one can be sure
    Youve gotta stop turnin pages
    Find a place to be pure
    Lonely stranger, go forth and discover
    Feelings buried in the black hole
    And then you will recover
    The lost part of your soul

    Dont choose the prom queen, though shell cure the fear
    She will hurt you without tryin
    The best bet is the road without tears
    Youve seen enough cryin
    You are gettin no younger
    Time to stop this charade
    Your pain and your hunger
    Drive you out of the shade

    Lonely stranger, fight off all the sadness
    Dont let happiness turn to pain
    Forget all the madness
    And come in from the rain

    Lonely stranger, its all caught up with you now
    You cannot run any longer
    Its over somehow

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