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    I dont know whats going on
    Everything just keeps going wrong
    Lack of self dependence
    The suffering goes on
    Im not the only victim
    I see it every place
    But I will keep on striving
    To argue my own case

    Im not well equipped
    To live in a world like this
    I dont have the tools I need
    To make me a success
    And Ill just keep on bleeding
    Until the powers listen in
    But I think Im on my way out
    Notify my next of kin.

    All you need to get by in this world
    Is greed and a pocket of charm
    Pretend to care for everybody
    And then you will come to no harm
    I wish that the world could be different
    Then my weakness could be my strength
    A piece of gold is not judged by feelings
    A piece of gold is judged by its length

    I wish that the tide would come in
    To wash away this field of sin
    This heaven that has turned to Hell
    Be taken from the Devils spell.

    All you need to get by in this world
    Is a life of hatred and lies
    Sounds of screaming tearing at your ears
    Sights of evil killing your eyes
    I wish that the world could be different
    TV showing the end of the war
    Ask the Veterans why all their friends died
    And they wont remember what for

    Chorus x2

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