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    Build me up and tear me down
    Do whatever the hell you want
    Youre not gonna make me cry
    You sent my friends to die
    Youve done things unimaginable
    And I havent even sighed
    My soul is indestructible
    And my will is invincible
    Self-control is the key
    But this you cannot find
    And you wont tell anyone
    But you think you want to cry

    Chorus x2

    Ballet of the vampire
    Youre not gonna get me down
    Ballet of the vampire
    Why dont you fucking drown?

    You want to make me mad
    So that Ill be just like you
    But to live forever with no soul
    That I just dont want to do
    Its not a blessing you stupid fools
    Its a curse from the depths of hell
    What is life without feeling?
    Ill keep them even if it means
    Ill be the lonely boy
    The lonely boy

    Chorus x2

    You say that youre invincible
    But daylight burns you to the soul
    I can live with pain and fear
    Its better than your sorry state

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