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    -peak Billboard position # 15 in 1962
    -Words and Music by Gerry Goffin and Carole King
    Sharing you, I know I'm sharing you
    I'm not the only one who's in your heart
    When I'm with you, your love belongs to me
    But you have someone else when we're apart
    There are two of to kiss you
    Two of us to miss you
    And two of us to wish there were two of you
    And though it hurts me so to go on sharing you
    I know my helpless heart just can't be free
    But even though I must keep sharing you
    You know you'll never be sha-a-rin' me
    Oh, no, you'll never be shar-a-rin' me
    Ah, ah, you'll never be shar-a-rin' me-ee

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